Data Driven Approaches through Big Data

TagCrown brings big data infra for your enterprise to handle all aspects of your data generated by inside and outside of your company. We simplify your data-flows to optimize your work-flows.

  1. Big Data: Large-scale datasets are the combination of large, complex, and heterogeneous datasets which generate from various sources such as clickstreams, sensors, sharing videos, business transactions and social networks. TagCrown provide you Big Data backend with high  computational speed, capable and scalable storage platforms for large scale datasets.
  1. Data Analytics: TagCrown make analyzing your data based on any Big Data infrastructure like Massively Parallel Processing systems, MapReduce-based systems, Bulk Synchronous Parallel systems and In-Memory Processing systems.According to requring your Big Data model, all computing and in-memory methods are provided to create your integrated data structures.
  2. Machine learning: How to analyse and identify heterogeneous data and information has attracted wide attention. TagCrown has opened a window for us to understand the world to a higher level. We provide you Machine Learning techniques to simulate large scale structure of the cerebral cortex through Data Lakes.
  3. Artificial intelligence: AI promotes the informationization and automation of smart word and life. TagCrown adopts advanced ML, pattern recognition, and data mining techniques to build AI models for information pre-processing, processing, refining and value-added services through platforms, algorithms, and interfaces (the interaction between AI and external contexts).