Fanap Holding

This is Play Pod (, the first cloud gaming platform for eSports in Middle East.

In fact, Play Pod is similar to Google Stadia or Microsoft XCloud projects, yet it was developed and launched almost a year prior to these big projects. Competitive video games or upgrades to existing one are being released almost all the time. The top Esports games have millions of players online at any given time, and various competitions, tournaments and leagues are being set up all around the world. This is where Play Pod comes in, as it is a high-quality game console without the need to hardware, all the user’s need is internet. Besides, it provides leader boarding, multiplayer and matchmaking solutions. Plus, the game could be broadcasted for any user who wishes to. One of the advantages of Play Pod is the fact that it has been developed on Wolf Engine, an open source game engine, this gives the users the opportunity to customize Play Pod according to their specific needs.


A hotel property management system (PMS) is defined as a platform that enables a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities. These capabilities include reservation, housekeeping, reception, price rates, agency management, management reports, channel manager, financial transactions, cashier and point of sale (e.g. restaurant). 

Hermina is a cloud-based PMS that stores data securely on remote servers, which can be accessed through the internet; as a result, hoteliers can eliminate investment for hardware and infrastructure and can monitor hotel work processes whenever and wherever. 

By connecting to channel managers, hoteliers also can publish their availability and pricing to channels, and our dynamic pricing module helps them to set a competitive price and brings marketing agility and automation.


Sepandar Parking Management System is a software that receives data such as photos or videos, processes them, recognizes the license plate, and issues invoices.
Spandar by calling the relative api and just by sending license plate photo or video, can automatically recognize the license plate number quickly and with high accuracy.
Automatic license plate recognition is one of the most important requirements of traffic control systems, specially control the process of entering and leaving the cars in institutions and organizations. This can facilitate the work of guards and organization staff and customers, also can induce more sense of satisfaction and contentment and gladness in them.
Sepandar parking management system has been used for electronic toll collection in freeways of Iran and it is covering 60% of traversers traffic in Iran freeways.