Bridge To Tomorrow


Easy Setup Digital Signage

RayBoard digital signage is a cloud-based and cost-effective solution for integrated screen management that allows organizations and businesses to easily display their desired content on any number of screen at any location and update it in the shortest possible time. Rayboard is also web and PWA based so you can run it on almost all operation systems and although it support offline playback Rayboard is always fresh with updating latest software features for all users. Also rayboard support many built-in widgets and contents to add easily to your playlists.



WIFI Management System and Network Marketing

Rayfi is a platform which is based on wifi network connection and helps business owners have a better perspective on their costumers and their needs. When a client connects to the internet through a free wifi to which needs no password to access, a window pops up on his phone showing a webpage that can be customized by business owners. In RayFi we have CMS to manage content and card design that you like.

For instance, a hotel or hospital webpage may include different options such as menu, staff profiles , pdf, and various surveys which can simply be monitored by the manager through his panel. Also, the customers’​ information, survey results and etc can be seen to provide businesses the opportunity of making effective decisions according to their customers’​ needs, likes and dislikes.