Behineh Iran

Behineh Iran Engineering Company, with its technical knowledge and expertise in the field of analysis and Business Process Re-Engineering, Improves the productivity of your organization.
The company has more than twenty years of experience in the field of design and development of software solutions and more than a decade of providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for various industries, to ensure successful implementation of optimal processes.

Behineh Iran provides the following products:

Behineh ERP:
A Localized ERP solution for the companies in which the processes are collaborated.
Behineh ERP has the best practice for Commercial, Industrial (Metal, Automotive, Electronic & Electrical, Petrochemical) and Public Sector companies.

Behineh E-Commerce:
A Smart Solution for B2B, B2C & C2C which supports all the process chain from purchase to sale and delivery management services.

Tailor-made Software:
Relying on Behineh Iran Software Production Line (SPL) including design units, software architecture, programming and software testing, the company is ready to design and implement Custom Software based on the specific processes of organizations to meet their goals and strategies.