Fanap Holding

Fanap Holding

This is Play Pod (, the first cloud gaming platform for eSports in Middle East.

In fact, Play Pod is similar to Google Stadia or Microsoft XCloud projects, yet it was developed and launched almost a year prior to these big projects. Competitive video games or upgrades to existing one are being released almost all the time. The top Esports games have millions of players online at any given time, and various competitions, tournaments and leagues are being set up all around the world. This is where Play Pod comes in, as it is a high-quality game console without the need to hardware, all the user’s need is internet. Besides, it provides leader boarding, multiplayer and matchmaking solutions. Plus, the game could be broadcasted for any user who wishes to. One of the advantages of Play Pod is the fact that it has been developed on Wolf Engine, an open source game engine, this gives the users the opportunity to customize Play Pod according to their specific needs.


A hotel property management system (PMS) is defined as a platform that enables a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities. These capabilities include reservation, housekeeping, reception, price rates, agency management, management reports, channel manager, financial transactions, cashier and point of sale (e.g. restaurant). 

Hermina is a cloud-based PMS that stores data securely on remote servers, which can be accessed through the internet; as a result, hoteliers can eliminate investment for hardware and infrastructure and can monitor hotel work processes whenever and wherever. 

By connecting to channel managers, hoteliers also can publish their availability and pricing to channels, and our dynamic pricing module helps them to set a competitive price and brings marketing agility and automation.


Sepandar Parking Management System is a software that receives data such as photos or videos, processes them, recognizes the license plate, and issues invoices.
Spandar by calling the relative api and just by sending license plate photo or video, can automatically recognize the license plate number quickly and with high accuracy.
Automatic license plate recognition is one of the most important requirements of traffic control systems, specially control the process of entering and leaving the cars in institutions and organizations. This can facilitate the work of guards and organization staff and customers, also can induce more sense of satisfaction and contentment and gladness in them.
Sepandar parking management system has been used for electronic toll collection in freeways of Iran and it is covering 60% of traversers traffic in Iran freeways.


Bridge To Tomorrow

Bridge To Tomorrow


Easy Setup Digital Signage

RayBoard digital signage is a cloud-based and cost-effective solution for integrated screen management that allows organizations and businesses to easily display their desired content on any number of screen at any location and update it in the shortest possible time. Rayboard is also web and PWA based so you can run it on almost all operation systems and although it support offline playback Rayboard is always fresh with updating latest software features for all users. Also rayboard support many built-in widgets and contents to add easily to your playlists.



WIFI Management System and Network Marketing

Rayfi is a platform which is based on wifi network connection and helps business owners have a better perspective on their costumers and their needs. When a client connects to the internet through a free wifi to which needs no password to access, a window pops up on his phone showing a webpage that can be customized by business owners. In RayFi we have CMS to manage content and card design that you like.

For instance, a hotel or hospital webpage may include different options such as menu, staff profiles , pdf, and various surveys which can simply be monitored by the manager through his panel. Also, the customers’​ information, survey results and etc can be seen to provide businesses the opportunity of making effective decisions according to their customers’​ needs, likes and dislikes.




Vclinic is trying to meet the Patient-Centric Healthcare System which service foundation and software architecture have been built based on this vision. Based on our first strategic move, primary customers are doctors and health providers. Our concentration is on improving the quality and effectiveness of treatment and follow-up processes, increasing precision. VClinic platform offers some services with multiple workspaces & user experience for Patients, secretaries, and doctors:

    *EHR System For General and Family Physicians, Specialists, and Subspecialists
    *Virtual Visit service
    *Cloud-based medical appointment and billing service

In the second move, the primary concentration will be moved to the patient’s side for the purpose of behavior change management and also personalization.

Behineh Iran

Behineh Iran

Behineh Iran Engineering Company, with its technical knowledge and expertise in the field of analysis and Business Process Re-Engineering, Improves the productivity of your organization.
The company has more than twenty years of experience in the field of design and development of software solutions and more than a decade of providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for various industries, to ensure successful implementation of optimal processes.

Behineh Iran provides the following products:

Behineh ERP:
A Localized ERP solution for the companies in which the processes are collaborated.
Behineh ERP has the best practice for Commercial, Industrial (Metal, Automotive, Electronic & Electrical, Petrochemical) and Public Sector companies.

Behineh E-Commerce:
A Smart Solution for B2B, B2C & C2C which supports all the process chain from purchase to sale and delivery management services.

Tailor-made Software:
Relying on Behineh Iran Software Production Line (SPL) including design units, software architecture, programming and software testing, the company is ready to design and implement Custom Software based on the specific processes of organizations to meet their goals and strategies.

Iran Rayaneh

Iran Rayaneh

Iran Rayaneh Co. (established in 1985) is a recognized Information Technology leader in Iran. 35 years of professional experience and more than 400 major clients including agencies and bureaus, industrial and commercial companies, educational institutes and international foundations make us one of the most respected computer engineering sources in the region.

To make Iran Rayaneh the best choice for SoftWare Solutions for our customers, we develop, provide and maintain our software products, consultancy services and training courses through a team of 40 experts.

MiiroFiler is an ECM software for global enterprises that provides a tightly integrated subset of services including: Document Management ,Archiving,Records Management, BPM, Correspondence
This software is Built on an open extensible and Fully web architecture



Since 2009, JAPCO has been in providing information technology solutions and has carried out several software projects in the field of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and image processing.

A) Software Products & Services
-Custom software solutions provider & software development services
-Web application development

B) Image Size Reduction Solution (Big Data Solution)
-By using JAPCO’s intelligent compression features, you can create smaller file size without compromising on document fidelity, saving significant storage space and managing the transfer of information more efficiently.
-Saving 60% or more on digital storage costs free up space of internal and external stakeholders with minimal loss of quality
-Support all file format
-API tools

Allin Group

Allin Group

Allin Group is a company that provides asset management solutions and was established in 2008. The company has an asset management software and can provide services to customers with a new generation of innovation and techniques in asset management with the most advanced technologies, software development, machine learning and implementation,
AllinEAM can be used in various industries such as automotive, steel, petrochemical, cement, wood production, etc. For companies operating in this field, we prefer new technologies with low software production costs for competitive advantages.
By filling the gap between industry and technology, we help create innovative solutions in order to create value for the organization’s assets.
Since the inception of AllinEAM, we have created unique products, techniques and capabilities, which are designed for international use and in accordance with ISO 55000 standard, that set us apart from other software providers in the country and the Middle East.