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Vira Smart Sales Technology Promotion


BuyNow is an unmanned smart store that detects the purchasers and the purchased goods using artificial intelligence technology and various sensors. BuyNow smart stores are stationed indoors at corporate offices, residential buildings, schools, universities, etc., and offer an easy, convenient, and pleasant buying experience at the shortest distance. To buy at a BuyNow smart store, all you need to do is to scan the QR code on the store via the BuyNow app, open the door of the station, and pick up your desired items. Once you close the door, the purchase will finalize, you will receive a receipt of the purchased items on the BuyNow app, and the cost will be deducted from your user account.

BuyNow is an online smart store, that doesn’t need any salesperson. It’s a smart shelf / fridge that identifies the goods inside and the customers. It also detects shopping process, then deducts the fee from your Buynow account/credit card. The goods inside Buynow are monitored by our supply chain algorithm and the refilling process is done by our team, then the shelves are always full. We place it in work spaces, gyms, schools… so that everyone can have access to a 24/7 smart store, and do shopping.