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Sharif venture capital fund

Sharif Fund is one of the non-governmental funds for research and technology. It was established in cooperation with Sharif University of Technology and the Export Development Bank of Iran in order to create opportunities for participation and investment in the non-governmental sector and to support quantitative and qualitative research, applied, development and technological activities,
as well as providing special and unique financial services to professional entrepreneurs and innovators. The fund has been operating for more than a decade. The mission of the fund is to provide financial services to facilitate the production, development and sale of knowledge-based and technological products. In general, the ultimate goal of Sharif Fund as a financial institution is to contribute to the prosperity of the country’s economy by providing services to knowledge-based and technology companies.
One of the services of Sharif Fund is providing facilities to knowledge-based and technology companies. Applicant companies can benefit from the facilities at a very low interest rate.

Perhaps the key service of the fund is investing in companies and technology businesses. Investing in a technology company, unlike facilities, does not create debt for the shareholders or founders of the company, but the fund also shares in the profits or losses from the investment. The fund is ready to negotiate with the owners of the companies and has no specific ceiling.
The Fund’s investment services are not limited to financing, but also seeks to help companies grow their business through talent acquisition, legal investment, technology provision, business consulting, finance and marketing.
Many tech businesses need to provide guarantees in large quantities to large industrial companies, banks or other organizations and institutions to sell their tech services and products. Based on the experiences and conditions of these types of companies, the fund provides the required guarantees at a lower cost than banks. This is one of the most popular services of Sharif Fund and to date, it has issued all kinds of guarantees required by the applicants with supportive conditions and in the shortest time.