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Shahid Beheshti Non-Governmental Research and Technology Fund

(Shahid Beheshti NGRTF)

Shahid Beheshti Non-Governmental Research and Technology Fund follows the law of removing barriers to competitive production and improving the country’s financial system and according to the establishment license of the “Working Group of Research and Technology Funds of the Presidential Institution”. As a financial and credit arm of Shahid Beheshti University and private sector, activists in the innovation ecosystem have started their activities in support of start-ups and technological ecosystem activists in the country.


The mission of the fund, according to the registration statute, is a joint venture to create future stars (teams, ideas, technologies, institutions, start-ups). Also, the synergy of the ecosystem by creating a network connection between individuals, teams, partner institutions and competitors is one of the activities that the Shahid Beheshti Research and Technology Fund seeks to achieve.