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Seraj Nano Technology

(Seraj Nano Technology)

Seraj Nanotechnology Company is mainly focused on the design and production of nanobubble generators that are widely used in agriculture (greenhouse), aquaculture and wastewater treatment. The company has managed to acquire the technical knowledge to produce a nanobubble platform with the ability to inject various oxidizing gases such as ozone, oxygen and air into the fluid in nanometer dimensions, improving the purification process. These systems are corrosion-resistant and can be connected to oxygen and ozone generators at the same time. Using the proposed platform, called NANOX, is a good alternative to DAF systems. NANOX generators can also be used to separate oil phases from water and reduce the amount of COD and BOD.


Nanobubble generator is the most important product of this company. The product uses the cutting-edge technology and is offered at a reasonable price, much lower than the American model.