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Raydana Co was established in the spring of 2002 to provide software and solutions to organizations and has been honored to achieve its clients’ utmost trust and satisfaction in the last two decades, thanks to its high-quality services and high sense of commitment. It is also worth mentioning that numerous governmental organizations, ministries, industrial manufactories, banks, pension funds, and enterprises have benefitted from Raydana Co.’s IT services and software to optimize their organizations, elevating their standards, enhancing their efficiencies, and meeting their strategic targets.
Winning local customers’ trust and reaching a resounding success in the domestic market, Raydana Co. has managed to expand its business scope and enter the markets overseas. Raydana co.’s high-quality software development and products, outstanding services, and competitive prices compared to its rival counterparts in the market attracted foreign customers’ attention and led to some successful contracts and product export to some countries abroad, such as Iraq and South Korea.
Custom Software Development: We develop custom software based on the requirements of customers and their specific needs. We have a software product line (SPL) with advanced technology and components used for the development of software. We have good experience in organization software in microservice, cloud-based, and Workflow based architecture.
Ray BI: In this product/service, we provide visualized dashboards for managers and they can manage their organization in a data-driven manner. Analyzing data, ETL, designing KPI and dashboard, designing Data Ware House and DataMart’s, Implementation of dashboards are our business intelligent product/service components. Large and medium organizations have used our services to integrate, analyze and visualize their data and have visual interactive dashboards for various levels of their organizations.
Ray AI: In this product/service we use machine learning and deep learning techniques and algorithms to analyze organization data and give more insight from data and then show the result in visual dashboards.
Ray ERP: Ray ERP has 9 modules and more than 40 subsystems designed for SME and Large Organizations and it is multi-language and has very good experience in Manufacturing, Service, Trade, Retail, EPC, Holding, Banking back-office, Pension fund, Public sector, and … customer sectors.