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Raveshmand Management Co


Raveshmand Management Company provides consultation on strategy formulation and strategy implementation.
The company has also developed and presented strategy implementation software solutions. From 2016, Methodical Management Company began to study and use agile strategy implementation techniques.

About Pointer:
In this system objectives are defined periodically (quarterly or monthly). At the beginning and after determination of the mission and strategic directions (As OKR’s inputs), Annual OKR should be set and then Quarterly OKRs should be defined. To follow them, we define short-term objectives because in uncertainty of environment, it is hard to forecast the future. OKR has an improvement and renewal cycle.

This cycle starts with OKR planning at the start of the quarter. After designing the quarterly objectives, weekly check-in should be done regularly during the quarter to update the status of key results. Then we review the progress of the team, and talk about the problems and achievements of process. Finally, we define some recommendations to improve performance. Before ending the quarter, the involved team should assess, learn and review the OKRs and set some new OKRs for the next quarter based on past performance and up to date priorities.