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Houshmand Afzar Paz Andish

(Paz Andish)

Hooshmand Afzar Pazandish, a specialized and international holding company, is a software and animation service provider specialized for business in the field of Information and Communication Technology, and Animation. Established in 2014 by a group of graduates of the country’s top universities, the company is proud to provide its services and support its customers with excellent quality and at an effective and reasonable cost and time.

Hooshmand Afzar Pazandish is ready to set up a joint production line for Noplex products, seeks to sell and distribute its products in the fields of nano-disinfectants and nano-masks, software and animation


  1.  VOD platforms
  2. E-commerce platforms
  3. CMS platforms
  4. LMS platforms
  5. Various types of animation
  6. Sanitizer based on nanotechnology