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Control Farayand Pasargad (CFP), a privately owned company founded in 2005, is high-tech producer of radiation detection systems of Gamma and X ray and alpha and beta particles.

Its products can be categorized into the following sets:
Highly efficient hand-held radiation detection scintillometers and spectrometers based on scintillation crystal suitable to use in challenging environmental conditions for mine exploration with online elemental analysis procedure.
Rugged Personal and environmental dosimeters with optional wide-range feature and dedicated to charging and data reading dock.
Personal and vehicle radiation portal monitoring systems with large highly sensitive plastic scintillators and easily set-up procedure.
Radio thin layer chromatography systems for radiochemical and radio-nuclide purity control of radiopharmaceutical with optional beta detector.
Underwater radiation counters and spectrometers.
Gamma radiation analysis software based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.