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Espaneh Information System


Demis company offers software as service in the field of health insurance, health file, electronic prescription and tourism and currently offers online services to more than 10 million complementary insurance policy holders and 40 million basic insurance policy holders via four major Iranian insurance companies. Demis boasts a powerful framework, based on microservices architecture, and an experienced team and offers high-quality, efficient and secure software solutions, for digital transformation of your business, in the shortest possible time.

rasatpa.ir is a platform for health insurance companies and includes the capabilities: Quotes, Applications, Contracts, Products, Policy management , Commission ,Claims management , Assessment , e-Payment

easymed.ir is a platform for healthcare providers and includes the capabilities: EHR ,EMR,PHR, Registry , patient Charting, appointment, e-prescription, Treatment Follow up , Cash management

tport.ir is a Channel management platform for agencies and hotels and includes the capabilities: Pricing , online Booking , Integration with API , Discount Management, channel management , e-payment
Demis BRMS’s is a platform built for implementing, managing and executing business logic and decision processes and includes the capabilities: Declarative Programming ,Centralization of Knowledge ,Speed and Scalability , Separate logic from the application , Reasonable rules.
safetyminder.co is a platform which gives you a simple, practical way to implement & monitor your Occupational, Health & Safety (OHS) requirements.
Safetyminder allows you to manage all aspects of your responsibilities within the workplace, saving time and making you safer at work.