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Doctor.H is a Fully specialized Mobile application & platform for diabetes control and prevention.

Doctor.H strives to address the nutritional and guidance problems of people who suffer from Diabetes. We have designed an application providing the following services:

-Smart meal planner engine
-Human Coaching with one-on-one counseling and mentorship
-Smart Monitoring and analyzing user’s blood sugar level


Problems :
● Number of people suffering from diabetes and its complications is growing worldwide
● Huge cost burden on states & insurance companies & individuals
● Chronic diseases like diabetes reduce the efficiency of the labor force
● The need for constant monitoring of those who suffer
● Insufficient number of dietitians who could service the diabetic community in various countries

Doctor.H is seeking the following objectives:

● Reduce the cost of treating diabetic patients
● Reduce the dose of oral and injectable drugs for diabetics
● Prevent Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia
● Promote patients’ overall health and wellbeing
● Modification of patients’ diet