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Arman Mowj Fanavar

Arman Mowj Fanavar began its work in the field of optics and digital x-ray radiography in 2017. It designed and produced the first generation of x-ray digital detectors in 2019. We then moved from designing and producing x-ray digital detectors, with filming capability, and came to think of designing and producing the first industrial CT scan device in Iran. This device is capable of reconstructing 3D images of different objects.
Its services include: Design and production of x-ray digital detector for medical purposes and production of industrial CT scans, providing services on x-ray scanning of industrial parts.
Arman Moj Fanavar was established in July 2017, and its main area of activity is designing and construction of x-ray imaging devices with medical and industrial applications. The company has developed x-ray sources, Detectors, Industrial x-ray CT scan, in line x-ray sorting and x-ray inspection systems.